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*PASTORAL VISITATION SCHEDULE Justin would like to become better acquainted with you. A clipboard is located in the foyer next to the guest register. Please fill in the time that works best for Justin to call on you. If you prefer to contact Pastor Justin by email, please use the following address:

Missing Sunday Morning Worship Services? - IF you or anyone you know is missing church services and would enjoy a recording of our weekly service, please let the church office know.  You can also view the weekly sermon via our YouTube Channel or FaceBook Links.

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Email Listing We would like to make a couple of e-mail lists.  If you would like to be e-mailed about changes in schedules or notified about special events, please email the church at and we will place you on that list.  IF you would like to be emailed about Prayer Chain concerns, please email the church as well.  We will be able to take your address and put it on one or both of the lists. 



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