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Scenes from HOMECOMING October 2015

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Homecoming is a service held partially in remembrance of Quakers that first settled the area. It also serves
as reminder to the modern day Quakers of a time when life was much simpler.

Honey Creek Monthly Meeting organized in the fall of 1852 in the house William Dobbins built during winter. 
The original meeting house was built and raised in1854 and also served as a day school. When the congregation
outgrew their 1859 structure, the current meetinghouse was built in 1916. This building
is now listed on the National Register of Historic places. Regular “meetings” were held at Honey Creek
until 1973 when the meeting house united with New Providence Monthly Meeting. 

Since 1979 a support group has worked to organize, preserve, and maintain Honey Creek Meetinghouse. 
It also has held annually Homecoming Services, Thanksgiving Services, and a Birthday Celebration to Jesus.  

We hope to see ALL of YOU next year! (Photos by K.D. Burkett)



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